Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Wings Of Freedom

     With so many failed attempts already to leave her abuser, she knew she had to get it right this time.  She had driven across the country several times to break that heart wrenching pull to go back but still went back only for more heartbreak.  She couldn’t take any more of the control issues to the point of having to present a receipt for any money spent.  She was told how to dress, what to eat and was put down constantly.  The hate and anger he had for his parents spilled over into everything in their lives. The mind said leave, the heart said stay and listening to the mind caused deep pain but also showed a huge sense of reality.  Promising herself never again to have this kind of pain in her life, she pulled away in her Jeep.

     The first 2 days on the road she couldn’t stop wondering why he didn’t want the marriage to work when the strangest thing happened.  It was about noon on a pretty, sunny day and there was a flash of light in the sky for about a fraction of a second as a thought went through her mind that explained it all and the pieces fell together.  She didn’t want to believe it at first because her mind just didn’t work in the way that was just presented to her.  There was someone else and it wasn’t another woman!  She had to pull over to let this sink in and when it did, total understanding set in as did freedom.  It was an epiphany if ever there was one.

     The next day feeling totally drained yet set free she stopped and bought some white shoe polish and some good traveling music starting with Jackson Brown and Willy Nelson.  In realizing she could make her own decisions again, she put a fast foot forward doing just that!  On the Jeep windows she had a good time, “Make A Hole, Coming Thru”, “Woman Driver, Fear This”, “Nova Scotia Or Bust” and “Don’t Bother Me, I’m Partying” were her traveling mottos.  That night she stopped at a motel which had live music and treated herself to some wine, a nice long hot bath, a lobster supper and then took herself dancing.  Except for the long hot bath she had not been allowed to indulge in the others.  This night was all about indulging!

     She was a born traveler and was loving being able to stop when and where she wanted when she saw an old abandoned farm building just covered in beautiful vines off the highway.  She found her way to it and was taking photographs when she saw a crop duster off in the distance. Being a pilot, she rushed to the location where she last saw the plane go down but not come back up.  Once there, she just sat on the hood of the Jeep and watched the crew refill the crop duster while the pilot sat in the plane.  Next thing she knew, he was walking towards her and they started talking and he said he needed another pilot as the work was piling up faster than he could handle it.  He was offering her a job to fly like a crazy person and actually get paid for it!  Oh boy did she want it bad too!  Had this offer come at another time she would’ve been all over it, but she knew she had some work to do on herself.  She wanted to go home and Arkansas was just too hot and humid for her.  He understood but gave her his card anyway in case she changed her mind and went to his plane.  He took off and she watched as he turned and was flying back towards her, lower and lower and rocked his wings!

Published by Polar Expressions Publishing, British Columbia, Canada, Dec. 2013

The Sun Shall Rise, Page 138

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