Monday, 10 February 2014

Flying Wild

My life as a wild woman started before I came flying out of the shoot of life by arriving considerably later than predicted just to show the doctor who was boss.  We Sagittarians do that.  Speaking of flying, at the tender age of 3 months, I was on my first flight from Yarmouth, Nova Scotia to Lima Peru, South America.  My adopted father was there flying for a small branch of an American Airline.  I spent the next 4 ½ years riding horses,  becoming bi-lingual in Spanish and English and being spoiled rotten by maids who let me drink coffee when Mom wasn’t looking.

Seeing as we lived in a rather large house I had no problem running and hiding when the doctor came over to give me a shot… for some made up childhood disease.   I knew it was really for calming my free spirit and that wasn’t happening folks!  By the time they found me, the doctor was long gone.  I did get trapped later though under the guise of going to get ice cream… after the shot!  
After moving back to Miami, Florida, my 3rd grade teacher sent home a note asking my parents to please direct me to not correct her when she is teaching Spanish.  Mom sent a note saying, “No, Juanita is fluent in Spanish so you must have said something incorrectly in order for her to correct you”.  Good shot Mom!After my parents’ divorce I started acting out like most teenagers do.  I was smoking cigarettes and sneaking out late at night but not really going anywhere, just wanted to sneak out.  I became a habitual runaway and to teach me a lesson I was sent to a private Catholic school in South Carolina.  Surely the nuns could control me!  Everything was locked up tight at night and heads counted.  This school was out in the middle of nowhere and I really didn’t know where I was but that was ok because I was back in Florida a week later after I broke out of there!  Then I was sent to an upscale private school in Florida for the up and coming snobs of the century.  I was back in Miami about a week later.  Can’t keep a good runaway down!

As I got older my wildness and independence grew stronger and deeper and since these are part of my being, my stabs at marriage didn’t work out.   Had they been more of a friendship and partnership to start with they might have worked but I allowed things to move forward too fast.  My bad.  I don’t do well with being told what to wear, where I can and cannot go or what to do with my life.

My life has been full of some amazing experiences, love, travel, children, standing up to town councils and winning, getting my pilot’s license, surviving bus accidents, surviving abuse, surviving being homeless and so much more.  I have learned so much but never really knew what my calling in life was till the last year.  We all have a calling or gift we were born with.  The idea is to find that gift and then use it to help others.  I have found I have at least two gifts and I am working on developing both of them.  Should I find I have others, I will develop them too.

Now I am back home in Nova Scotia and letting my wildness fly.  I will continue to be a pain in the butt to those who don’t get me because they haven’t asked.

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