Sunday, 19 January 2014

Freedom Writer

As I sit here and try to decide what to write for the Wild Woman, I realize I have a thousand ideas and don’t know where to start. I am overwhelmed with the knowledge that I, as a woman, can write whatever I please. This battle was fought for me in the past by strong women who sacrificed much of their lives and some, their lives. There are some who are still fighting and what sort of person would I be if I didn't help this fight? There were even men in the 19th and 20th centuries that fought for our rights. (1)

We are in the 21st Century and there are women in some of the farthest away places who don’t even know that women have rights.  I am thinking of women in native villages in forests so far from the normal realm of understanding, that they are totally forgotten if ever known about at all by some.

Native American Indian women had more rights than the European women who came over with their husbands and fathers to build a new life.  How ironic. (2)  These women even owned their own teepees and lodges. (3)

I personally feel we should take care of this freedom of speech and be honorable in what we say.  We shouldn’t take this freedom and use it to hurt others.  Having said this, I do feel that we should speak up and also write about those things which can hurt a human being whether we are woman or man.  I also feel we should write about what we know in order to help others.  There are many who feel they are alone in life struggles who could face those issues better with moral support by those who have been there and done that and still are.  We all have a story or two in us, if we absolutely feel we cannot write but want to tell it, find a writer and tell them your story.  I for one will volunteer for this and I would guard your identity if you so choose.

I lost all my rights once. These were rights that soldiers died for and those in the past also fought for and I didn’t go to jail.  As a matter of fact, prisoners had more rights than I did at that time of my life.  My rights were taken from me by a former military man who became my physical abuser.  Forget writing, I wasn’t even allowed to go the store alone.  I wasn’t allowed to have a friend he didn’t approve of, so therefore I had no friends outside his family.  One day I walked away from that 6 year ordeal and regained my independence and self-esteem.  I got a job, got back up on my feet, rented a cute little bungalow in San Diego, California and moved on with my life.

I will never give up any of my freedoms again, especially the freedom to write, I will die first!

(3)   (lodges and villiages)  2nd paragraph.    Indian women owned their own lodges.

Published on  Jan. 22, 2014

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